Feacal Incontinence The Condition

Feacal Incontinence (FI) is the involuntary leakage of gas, liquid or stool. The most common cause of FI is injury to a nerve or muscle during childbirth, thus it is not surprising that women tend to suffer a higher rate of FI than men. Childbirth-related FI can present immediately but often presents later in life. Sadly, most sufferers have incomplete knowledge of available treatments. Too embarrassed to discuss the condition even with a qualified healthcare provider, FI sufferers will often go untreated.

FI can be triggered by a specific event or may develop over time with no single underlying cause. Damage to the anal sphincter may cause FI immediately; however, most cases develop later in life.

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Leading causes of causes of FI are:
Injury to a nerve or muscle during childbirth
Age- related loss of muscle tone in both genders
Anorectal surgery, such as hemorrhoid repair
Accidents resulting in trauma to the sphincter muscle
Anatomic birth defects
Deterioration of nerve function due to diseases such as
  diabetes and MS
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